October 2017

What can I say ? I don't know where to start but I'm going to start I think with the release of my new album 'Seductive Sky'! Everything I've done this year has been building up to sharing this material with you all . It's now finished and I'm so proud to have special guests Elliott Randall, Gordon Giltrap, Oliver Wakeman and Daniel Karl Cassidy on it!

These new tracks are all inspired by things or people that have touched my heart so very much and they all have a very different feel and meaning to them .

Produced by Mikey Scott from Fruit Trade Music Hull and helped along by my friends Ricky Slivers of 'The John Palmer Acoustic Band',Jamie Fowler from Damnation Hammer/The Frogg Brothers and not forgetting my very good friend Pete McLeod who added the Bodhran on 'Dancing Dragonfly'.

The album has been nicely managed by a full team, my manager David Micheal Ward, photographer/graphics designer Laup Wilson and video guy Dave Carley of Kandle Voodoo who created the official video to 'Maria In The Moon' my first single from the album.

Maria In The Moon as many of you will have gathered is inspired by the book 'Maria In The Moon' by Hull writer Louise Beech, please see page on my site for more details !

Check out the video on YouTube.

So gig wise it has been a fantastic year playing some of my favourite festivals , Filey, Tribfest and the added bonus of Lancaster at the end of this year!

A month playing in Ontario, Canada has left me totally buzzing and led to a lot of new friendships and contacts across the pond.

A huge thank you goes out to Rob and Carmen Taylor for welcoming me into their home and treating me like one of the family, I loved every minute of it . Canada made a huge impact on my heart and I'm sure I will be back soon.

Whilst over there I did a few demos in store with my Vintage GG2000DLX and my Viator at 'Long and Mcquade','Arts Music Store' and 'Music Pro' for Vintage/JHS. Spreading the Vintage Love

On the subject of guitars, something very special happened this summer when I became a very proud Fylde player! I went to visit Roger Bucknall, the finest maker of guitars at his workshop in Penrith, to pick up my beautiful Fylde Leonardo. I'm still blinking from the shock of owning such a beautiful thing!

Just when it can't get any better, came home from Canada to tour with Gordon Giltrap, my mentor, my friend, my guardian angel! I've been his special guest playing some amazing venues, touring all over with him and his lovely wife Hilary whom I am so very fond of (The track 'Paper Thin' is indeed about this very special lady).

The support from these two truly wonderful friends keeps me going!

The tour started before I left for Canada, we had fantastic gigs in Houghton, an amazing time at Chichester Festival (where the fabulous Mike Stranks recorded the live version of 'Holly Blue' for the new album) and The Kardomah94 in Hull.

When I returned home from Canada there was the thrill of playing The Jim Marshall Auditorium,The Stables in Wavendon which was a totally mind blowing experience. We then appeared at The Ropewalk in Barton not far for my city of Hull before going North West to The Court House in Otley, a lovely audience and time to catch up with bass player Ricky Silvers who kindly gave us accommodation for the night ! At this point I left the tour to travel north to Scotland for an intimate couple of gigs at The Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh and Star Folk Club in Glasgow, stopping off in between to visit two lovely friends of Gordon and a Hilary's in Dunfermline. Thank you Judy and Mike for your hospitality.

I met back up with Gordon's tour in Lancaster where we played to a wonderful audience at The Storey and an interview on The Bay 96.9 Fm. I was away for ten days all in all, straight after landing from Canada, tired but absolutely loving it!

We have two dates left on this tour, please visit my live dates page for details and I'm looking forward to visiting Amsterdam again in December for 'Tribfest At Sea'

My thanks go out to everybody mentioned above, I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people! Once again Gordon and Hilary have been an immense support to me, guiding me and spurring me on in difficult times.

Thanks also to Phil White of BBC Radio Humberside, Rod Bez Grimmer of Hull Kingston Radio and Tony Haynes of FAB for their constant support and airplay .

Please do support my album, blood sweat and tears went into it believe me and you may get a few surprises when you check it out, all good though I hope

Thanks to you all

Much love

Carrie x


January 2017

Hi everyone

I've finally got around to writing this news page. It's been an extremely busy time of ups and downs but a progressive and exciting time too.

Last year I enjoyed a main stage performance at Beverley Folk Fest, I played The Half Moon in Putney, Hull folk Fest and Tribfest which I thoroughly enjoyed were just some of my favourites.

The high point of the year for me tho was a gig at Bishops Cleve, were I supported my very good friend and mentor legendary acoustic guitarist Gordon Giltrap at his first gig back after major surgery and a full year out through illness! He was of course outstanding as usual but the gig was made extra special as I was introduced on stage to his many loyal and adoring fans! I sold many CDs and made numerous new friends.

I will be starting my next album shortly. All my own material, it will include tracks some of you will have heard 'The Dancing Dragonfly', 'Holly Blue', Purple Heart' and my most recent penned song 'High on a Hill'. I'm extremely excited about the new album which will feature Gordon and the brilliant talent that is Oliver Wakeman. I will keep you all posted about the release date.

So this year is one I'm looking forward to. I'll be guesting for Gordon Giltrap on his up and coming tour which is in conjunction with his superb new album 'Last Of England' available on Amazon and a work of art it is!

I have some exciting support slots for Anna & Elizabeh from the US and Kathryn Roberts/Sean Lakeman plus the excitement of festivals and a little tour of Ontario in Canada!

So folks, please do continue to support my music, thank you for checking my site out. Many thanks go to Phil White BBC Radio Humberside, Tony Haynes FAB Vale Radio, David Michael Ward from Scarborough Radio and EGH radio for supporting me and my music.

Thanks go out as always to Hilary & Gordon Giltrap, my friend, mentor and Guardian Angel and Vintage Guitars/JHS who are a constant support to me

Much love xx





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